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What is the SVG club?

We release new hand-lettered files each month, with the SVG Club membership you get them all and you get them first.  Before we even post them in our shops, you'll get an email where you can download every new SVG for the month (usually over 20 files!!). 

Who is it for?

It's perfect for people who love creating.  Whether that's for fun or for a small business you run, these files will give you lots of options and includes limited commercial use.* And since lots of our customers do run businesses, we release seasonal and holiday items several months ahead, for example, Christmas files will likely come out in August & September. 

How does it work?

This is a reoccurring monthly membership. You'll be automatically billed $14.95 per month (same day each month, based on the day you signed up) until you cancel. We'll create 8-12 new files each month that will include an SVG, DXF, JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS. So not only will you get every new file we make, you're gonna get them at the best possible price, like $1 per SVG! Crazy, right?!

There is no contract so you can cancel anytime by logging into your account.

When do the files come out?

Files are posted on the 1st of each month, you'll get an email letting you know they're available. 

For season and holiday items, we work ahead of season schedule. For example, Summer themed files will come out in January & February. July 4th files, in April. Christmas will start as early as July.

How do I get my files?

The files are posted on a secure page on our website. You'll be able to log in anytime during the month and grab your files. They will be zipped files, so be sure to download and then 'extract all'!

The monthly files are only available for download during the current month when the next month arrives, brand new files will then be posted.

How does the recurring payment work?

This is an automatic payment system. Your monthly payment date will be determined by the day you joined. So if you sign up on the 15th, your payment will take place each month on the 15th. You'll get an email confirming your payment that will serve as a receipt.

If you would like to cancel your membership, click the account link in the top left corner of our website and go to My Memberships > Level and click the cancel link under your membership level.  Once canceled you will no longer be billed and you will no longer have access to Lettered by Stephanie monthly files.



Try one of our files out for yourself to see  if they are right for you.