You Can Hand Letter

An Online Course in Hand Lettering

Simple guide to get started lettering, here's what we'll cover:

  • Lettering Terminology & Tools 
  • Three Steps to Faux-ligraphy
  • Finding Your Own Lettering Style
  • How to Incorporate Doodles
  • Creating a Quote Layout
  • 7 Videos to Walk You Through Each Step
  • A Wookbook to Guide You Along
  • BONUS Video: Lettering on an iPad


What people are saying:

“Your book is absolutely amazing! It’s perfect! I love everything about it! - Amanda

What you’ll learn:

This video series and workbook simplifies the art of hand lettering with real practical examples and practice pages to get you started. Inside this course, we’ll cover the basics of fauxligraphy, tools to use, composing layouts for quotes, finding your own style and more.

Who should buy it:

Whether you’re a total beginner in hand lettering or you’ve been dabbling in it for a while, there is something to learn for everyone. I know some lettering books can feel overwhelming like you need to be a pro to tackle it. That’s one of the reasons I’ve paired it with a video series. Inside the book, I’ve tried to break everything down into simple, easy to understand sections. And in the videos, I’ll show page by page, one step at a time.

What you'll get:

Digital Workbook + Course:

  • A PDF download of the book
  • 7 video lessons with Stephanie walking you through the workbook
  • Bonus video: Lettering on an iPad

What people are saying:

“This is the quintessential hand lettering book. Stephanie makes everything easy to follow and understand.” - Mike


About Stephanie

Stephanie began her hand lettering journey in a simple course, kinda like this one. Over the last 5 years, she’s perfected the art and developed a style that recognizable and unique. Besides teaching lettering, she creates SVG cut files for crafters from quotes she hand letters.

When she's not chasing down dreams, she's chasing her 3 young kids. 🙂